Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg:

Sabina. A talk about feminist and fictionalized art history(ies)

Dec 7, 2023
6:30 – 8:30 pm, Freiraum at MK&G

Wiebke Elzel, Joanna Kłysz-Hackbarth, Astrid Mania and Julia Mummenhoff

Who was Sabina von Steinbach? Did she even exist? In the book ” Sabina, Rekonstruktion einer Recherche (Reconstructing a Research)“, artist Wiebke Elzel follows the traces of Sabina von Steinbach, a sculptress from the 13th century, whose existence still lies somewhere between truth and legend and is considered unclear. Despite her controversial identity, she has been the subject of numerous artistic and literary works, celebrated as a medieval artist during the Romantic period and included in the canon of German art history – an honor that has hardly been granted to any other woman.

Based on Wiebke Elzel’s research, which moves between documented facts and their artistic interpretation, we want to explore the question of how art histories can be reinterpreted or artistically reworked in a feminist way in a round table discussion. Together with the artist Wiebke Elzel and experts from museum and academic contexts in Hamburg’s art and culture scene, we want to discuss feminist perspectives in art history and museum exhibition and collection practice.

How does a feminized art history inscribe itself in exhibitions, collections and institutions? How are narratives and history reproduced and rewritten? What challenges and conflicts does this entail? And to what extent do feminist discourses in art historical research and teaching lead to a revision and expansion of the canon?